cat on the moon

Cat on the Moon

There once was a cat on the moon

Who loved to play with a balloon

He chased it around

And made a loud sound

Until he popped it with a spoon

He felt so sad and lonely then

He wished he had some earthly friends

He looked at the stars

And saw a red Mars

He wondered if there were cats there

He decided to take a trip

He found a rocket and a ship

He packed some cheese

And some tuna fish

He hoped he would not get seasick

He blasted off into the sky

He waved the moon a fond goodbye

He flew so fast

He had a blast

He felt so free and so alive

He reached the planet of his dreams

He saw some rocks and some streams

He looked for cats

But found some rats

He thought they were not very nice

He missed his home and his balloon

He wanted to go back to the moon

He got on his ship

And started to flip

He hoped he would get there soon

He finally saw his lovely moon

He felt his heart go boom boom boom

He landed softly

And smiled brightly

He was so happy to be home

He found another balloon there

He felt a surge of joy and cheer

He played with it

And had a fit

He was the cat on the moon